What is Yexaf?
Yexaf is a place where people can win different types of prizes by guessing the correct combination of numbers.
What is MD5?
MD5 is like a secret code machine. It takes any information, like words or numbers, and turns it into a special code called a "hash." This code is useful because it can help you check if the information has been changed or messed with. The code is unique for each piece of information, so if anything changes, even a tiny bit, the code will be completely different. By comparing the original code to a new one, you can easily see if someone has changed the information.
How do you ensure that the number result is not altered?
To make sure that the number result is not changed, we use a special code called "hash" that is generated by the MD5 algorithm. Before the game starts, we show the hash value of the correct number combination to the user. After the game ends, we also show the correct number combination to the user in its original form. This way, the user can compare the two values to see if any changes have been made.
What are free games , points , candies , friendship charms , berries ?
Free games, points, candies, friendship charms, and berries are all in-game currencies used on Yexaf. The specific in-game currency used in each game may differ, with some games requiring free games others may require points, friendship charms, candies or berries. The in-game currency of the website has a rarity ranking, with berries being the rarest, followed by candies, friendship charms, points, and free games.
What are free games ?
Free Games are a type of in-game currency that every user automatically receives on a daily basis. The amount of free games received varies depending on the user's level. Click here to find out more details about the user level. It is recommended that users use their free games daily to prevent them from expiring and going to waste.
What are points ?
Points are another form of in-game currency that have a maximum amount limit depending on the user's level. Users can click here to find out more details about their current user level and the corresponding maximum points limit.
How to restore points ?
Points are gradually restored over time, with the amount and duration depending on the user's level. Higher user levels result in a shorter waiting period and a greater amount of restored points.
What are friendship charms ?
Friendship Charms are obtained by inviting friends to join Yexaf using your referral code. Each account can earn up to 10 Friendship Charms . Your Friendship Charms are replenished every . Click here to find out information about Friendship Charm.
What is Candies ?
Candies enable users to access games with higher chances of winning prizes. To obtain Candies, you have two options: you can either buy them from the Yexaf app available on the Google Play Store.
What is Gems ?
Earn Gems by watching ads, use them to enhance your gaming experience.
What is Rings ?
Complete Yexaf's task to earn the Rings, which can be used to play specific games that require them.
What is Berries ?
Berries are the most valuable and rarest in-game currency in Yexaf. They can only be obtained through continuous gameplay in games like Trial of the Games or Life of the Games, making them highly sought after.
How can I determine which prize category I am eligible to redeem?
The prize category that you can redeem is determined by the game category that you have won from. For instance, if you have won a game in the "Silver Games" category, then you can redeem any prize from the Silver category.
What happens if I don't view my prize code within 7 days?
Once a prize code (e.g. Google Play Gift Card , Touch 'N Go Reload Pin, iTunes Gift Card) is awarded to you, it is crucial to view the code in your account within 7 days. Failure to do so will result in the code being reclaimed. To ensure you enjoy your rewards, please log in and navigate to the "My Prizes" section to view your prize codes promptly.
About Experience?
To level up in Yexaf, you need to gain experience, which can only be obtained by playing games in Trial of the Games or Life of the Games that use "Points" as their in-game currency. These games offer a variety of in-game currencies, including Free Games, Friendship Charms, Candies, Gems , Rings, and Berries but only playing games with Points will allow you to earn the experience necessary to level up.
Level Details
Level Name Next Level Experience Maximum Points Next Point Restore Time Point Restore Each Time Free Games
Bronze 1,000,000 100 60 minutes 5 500
Silver 20,000,000 200 50 minutes 10 1,000
Gold 300,000,000 300 40 minutes 15 1,500
All information may be changed by Yexaf at any time without prior notice or explanation to the user.